Monday, September 15, 2008

Your Country Is Calling You To Action, But Did You Hear It?

Today was a tough day in the history of out nation. For the first time in a long time the American people experienced a new level of economic frustration and shortcoming. It is true that right now all of are getting less distance out of our dollars. That stress paired with the ever more common failures of American financial giants can make it tough to find a proverbial silver lining in an increasingly gray sky. While no reasonable individual would pretend right now that there are no problems with the American economy, today John McCain boldly reminded us of a few profound truths in which we can take solace.

Recall today’s comments from the campaign trail; John McCain, while speaking to voters in the great State of Florida, reminded us of the steely nature of the American worker and what they can be capable of in the most trying of times.

“Our workers are the most innovative, the hardest working, the best skilled, most productive, most competitive in the world. My opponents may disagree, but those fundamentals of America are strong."

Some may attribute this heartfelt account of the true nature of the American worker as mere political hyperbole, or a product of clever conspiracy oriented spin-doctors. The truth is, though, not only is Senator McCain’s observation of the American worker correct, but our history supports it.

Recall back now nearly 70 years ago when our Nation was attacked by our then enemy Japan and Europe was on the brink of collapse and domination. Even before this our nation lay in economic ruin, but when the going hit a level of difficulty even never before conceived, the tough did not get going… they did one better and instead, the American people used their commitment and resolve to fight through what is still arguably the most difficult modern situation in our Nation’s history. If the American people can not only fight two major enemies on different sides of the globe, pull out of an economic slump of historic proportions, and maintain an unmatchable espirt de corps, we can survive this as well.

Furthermore let us thank God that Senator McCain’s mindset of perseverance was the prevailing attitude of great men like Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Ronald Regan. Without these men and the American “can do” attitude, we would all be speaking German in a socialist state, where I can assure you civil rights would not even be on the radar let alone a priority.

Senator Obama seems to either forget about the proud history of the American people, or he simply does not care. He would rather focus on suffering and frustration rather than empower and motivate the populous to an actual solution. There could not be a more counter-productive attitude in regards to how to best respond to the trying time we all face. If we allow the nation to assume the mindset promoted by Senator Obama, the attitude that we need to wait for the government to help, by the time government arrives at even a concept of solution, the patient will have expired.

When John McCain calls upon the “still strong fundamentals” of the American economy, he is not showing a na├»ve disregard for the American citizens situation, he is calling to action a force more effective, a force of far greater size and strength than any possible government bailout or nebulous disabling promise. John McCain is calling to action the will of the American people to come together and to apply the powers of their heart, energy, and commitment to success as a means of responding to an otherwise difficult situation.

In consideration of all we have accomplished with that tried and true approach so far, I’d say that the McCain solution has far more going for it than any pied piper-esque false prophet’s hollow words any day.

Submitted by U.S. Grant.


AA said...

Nice blog, guys! Granted, I am a stout Obama-Biden fan, and am wincing as I read your opinions, etc....and may have to shower afterwards....LOL.. but as a fellow blogger, I more than appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into creating and maintaining a blog such as this! Good work! Keep going! :)

Guess Who

U.S.Grant said...

Dear Guess Who,

Thank you very much we appreciate you taking the time to review our work even if you may find it different from your own views.

Take care!

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