Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On The Path With Senate Candidate Jarret Heil: Great Saturday, Great Showing.

This past Saturday, the Oktemberfest Parade took place in Marshalltown, Iowa. This annual tradition draws out a high volume of members of the community, which spans age, race, and political preference. Of course, it is also an ideal setting for any political candidate looking to reach out to those last few voters when they are less than six weeks out from Election Day.

I was fortunate enough to not only attend this parade (hats off to Marshalltown might I add, it was a great time) but also to help Senate District Candidate 22 Jarret Heil reach out to those voters through the course of the parade. As anyone who has ever “done a parade” knows, it can be a sweaty, hot, and arduous task, but it never fails to also be a great experience for both the electorate and the candidate.

Heil’s experience this past Saturday was no exception to this rule. As we have indicated before here on D.M.Rightside, the race in State Senate District 22 is a closely fought battle (recall this is one of the few open seats in the Iowa Senate). Steve Sodders (Heil’s opponent and a Democrat) has worked hard to try to keep pace with Jarret and his message of prosperity and growth for Iowa’s families. Yet he has not yet managed to catch up to the substance that Heil has to offer District 22 and the entire State of Iowa. The Oktemberfest Parade gave all of us another reminder of this reality.

Heil not only made his presence known via an impressive display of well crafted reminders of who to vote for come this first Tuesday in November, but also via a tremendous amount of volunteers who turned out to walk with Jarret in a show of support and effort. The sea of navy blue that enshrouded Heil was nothing short of impressive and clearly overwhelmed the otherwise simple showing by his opponent.

Jarret Heil is clearly on the right track and is marching down the path to victory at this point. I strongly urge all conservative-minded readers to keep Jarret in mind in the coming weeks. Volunteer, donate, or simply keep him in your prayers. By doing all of this, we will be helping to guarantee many more great Saturdays and great showings for the State of Iowa.

By U.S. Grant September 29, 2008

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