Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain Gives Great Speech at Republican Convention

As I write this piece, I am listening to Karl Rove and Greta Van Sustren talking analyzing the speech just given by Senator John McCain. Apparently, the crowd behind the set booed Obama Campaign operative and NBC “journalist” David Gregory during a commercial break. I love a room full of fired up Republicans!

Following the amazing speech given by Sarah Palin on Wednesday night, McCain had a tough act to follow … and he rose to the occasion. McCain, in the biggest speech given during this campaign season defined himself as a public servant who puts his country first, and is willing to challenge anyone—regardless of party affiliation—in the name of bettering America. He talked about his support for strong defense, low taxes, low spending, and his opposition to earmarks—red meat for the Conservative base. He talked about helping workers affected by job loss in the global economy, improving education through school choice, and healthcare reform through market mechanisms—a nod to the Democrats who complained that the previous speeches didn’t include theses issues. He talked about his support for the surge when it wasn’t popular … a reminder of the value places on independence and why they call him a Maverick. And he talked, in detail, about his experience as a Prisoner of War in Vietnam … a reminder of his commitment to our country. The crowd cheered wildly throughout the speech.

One of the features of a party convention is a lot of back-patting and celebrating. But in this convention, McCain reminded Republicans about the losses in 2006, and told them “we were elected to change Washington, and Washington changed us.” With John McCain, we will get a straight-talking President who is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers in both parties. McCain has proved time and again that he is not afraid to vote against his party, even when it is the popular thing to do (anyone remember the Medicare Prescription Drug Program or the Highway Bill)? People know this—that is why the Obama campaign has not been successful in their claims that four years of McCain is another four years of President Bush. After tonight, this comparison will be even less effective.

Now, the campaign goes into high gear. With sixty days until the election, we must do everything we can to win see to it that John McCain is elected our next President. Let’s get busy!

(Also, for those of our Iowa readers, local school board elections are this next Tuesday. Remember to get out and vote good, common sense leaders that will be able to do the job right).

By W. Sherman

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