Monday, September 22, 2008

The Evil Empire Part Deuce!

This week the Russian Government announced plans to send two large-scale naval warships with support to the Caribbean. This move follows the arrival last week of two nuclear bombers to the country of known U.S. enemy Venezuela. At this point, every right-thinking U.S. citizen had better be asking themselves, “what the hell is going on here?!”

These new aggressive overtures, paired with the recent Russian incursion into Georgia, ought to be sending one clear message to the free world. There is little question that the great Bear has reawaken and is clearly seeking to reassert itself as a newly reformed dominating world power.

The million-dollar question is what do we do about it, if anything? It is clear that the sort of aggression shown by the Russian forces as of late cannot be tolerated in the long run by the West. To do so would be like allowing a teenager with a ceiling-less expense account to keep wrecking brand new sports cars every week. If such conduct persists, someone gets hurt, or in this case, a major world conflict results. At some point the wayward party has to be knocked into line. Yet, with the seemingly endless fountain of new oil and natural gas wealth, it is tough to determine what could actually have the desired effect of calming this continually obstinate state. Clearly, sanctions and international outrage are not going to get it done.

It is true that regardless of the influx of new wealth into Russia since the cold war, they have seemingly still failed to build a truly modern surface fleet that can compete with the other more western navies in the world. At the same time the fact that the bastard step child of Europe (a.ka. Russia) has now decided to move back towards the days of holding the world hostage with its military and nuclear might should be raising red flags in every free nation on the planet.

Ultimately these troubling turns of events sends one strong message that cannot be ignored. We absolutely cannot stop funding our military and allowing it to become any smaller than it already is. A resurgent Russia, North Korea, Islamic- Fascists, and socialist hack leaders in South America means we cannot ever afford to let our guard down as the preeminent leader of the free world. This week is simply another frightening reminder of that reality.

Written By:
U.S. Grant

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