Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The test is now.

This Friday the modern day energy mafia otherwise known as OPEC will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the sudden “problem” with the price of oil. This re-convergence of many of the world’s most tyrannical, and anti-American governments to discuss what should be done to raise the price of oil should serve as another grave warning shot to all Americans that we live in a time that continues to be one of great peril, and not just at home.

Commentators today have rightly identified why some of the more infamous OPEC member countries are so agitated with the recent plummet in oil prices. To sum up those reasons is easy: they planned on using record prices to fund militarization, defy international law, and oppress freedom loving people around the globe. (Apparently with prices for oil dropping at record rates it is becoming difficult again to be a flush murderously oppressive government.)

Not only is this Friday meeting troubling news in that it indicates an increased potential for conflict around the globe, but such conduct will directly affect, (and likely harm) the American public as well. Based on what has been said recently there is in fact little question that one of the primary motivating factors of these rouge nations is to cause as much harm to the American public as possible.

Ironically a recent headline has also been that it is predicted that an Obama presidency would likely see a near immediate challenge by one of these rouge nations. Not only has coverage of this point been overdone, it is not even news worthy. A coke addicted in-bred with the IQ of Forrest Gump could have told you that countries like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are out to get the United States any way they can. (For those out there excited about the break-through quality of the American news outlets, this ought to let a little wind out of your sails.)

The bottom line is this;
1.Oil is a weakness for the United States and most westernized countries.
2.This problem is complex and no amount of promised change or hope is going to solve it or any other economic problem quickly.
3.Throwing money at this issue or any other like matter is a short term solution that will screw you in the end because it breeds complacency.
4.The much hyped but still mythical Obama presidency is not going to be tested in 6 months, America is being tested now though and it takes a steady hand to respond to this still every present security and economic threat.

The end result is that we must elect a leader here in a few short weeks that has the best chance at handling a test already being administered to the United States. That leader is NOT Barack Obama. John McCain does offer the best chance we have at quashing the tyrannical governments seeking to do us harm like Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. These rouge nations are not going to let up on their assault on America. If we the electorate neglect this reality and choose the wrong leader we will be tested in ways no American would wish on anyone.


U.S. Grant

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