Monday, August 25, 2008

On The Trail With The New Breed…

Men of substance; this was the theme this past weekend at a gathering for Republican State Senate District 22 Candidate Jarret Heil (Marshall and Hardin Counties).

On Saturday evening both Sherman and I were fortunate enough to be one of the 60 or so people able to meet with Heil and his guest of honor for the event, Republican Senior Senator Charles Grassley. Also of note in attendance was the Republican Challenger for State House District 43 Jane Jech.

Grassley, present solely in support of Heil’s hard fought candidacy, provided the attentive crowd with nearly 15 minutes of remarks in support of Heil’s candidacy for the 22nd district.

The main thrust of the commentary was that it is simply not enough to be behind the republican ticket or just John McCain. Grassley, taking a more holistic approach to this election year, clarified exactly what was really at stake. He explained that while it is critical that Iowans support key federal candidates and John McCain, any benefits we hope to obtain through a win in those elections would be incomplete unless we can secure those same types of candidates more locally at the state level. The question artfully posed by Grassley was do Iowans want a man of substance or a man of mere charisma and nothing more?

Heil clearly fits the bill for this challenge set out by one of the nations leading statesmen. Heil’s commitment to development of affordable healthcare solutions, advancement of Iowa’s education system through responsible means, and commitment to developing jobs in Iowa pairs perfectly with the greater Republican agenda of mutual prosperity and individual freedom. Paraphrasing Senator Grassley, we are reminded that freedom also means economic freedom and candidates like Jarret Heil, Jane Jech, and John McCain is the only way to ensure this.

In closing, we urge all our readers to give Jarret and Jane and others like them this election year a closer look. By doing so you will clearly understand the holistic view that Senator Grassley so accurately articulated this past weekend. We must ensure that the nation is strong both at the top and bottom in leadership. Jarret Heil and his other Republican running mates are how we make certain this happens.

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By U.S. Grant

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